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Our products

Why have we developed mushroom kashotto and risotto?

Because we were surprised to discover that the Polish food market place  lacks products combining the nutritional value of groats, rice and the exquisite taste and aroma of Polish natural mushrooms.

So we have pioneered this entire new category. It's a fantastic feeling and at the same time an incredibly great opportunity for us to corner this niche in the supply of an exceptionally tasty and nutritious food source.


What distinguishes our kashotto and risotto?

  • All the ingredients except for the groats and rice - are supplied from our own company, Jantex. Our mushrooms are sourced exclusively from the healthy forests of Poland, and the selected crops of other Polish mushroom farmers.
  • The mushrooms are dried in a stream of warm air, so that all the nutritional value and superb taste still remains within them. Drying only removes the water.
  • The extra large pieces of mushrooms are a real treat for the senses, guaranteeing a phenomenal taste and aroma sensation.


Who are the recipients of our latest products?

  • These who lack time to cook, but never lack a desire for a delicious, healthy and quickly prepared meal.
  • These who are just starting their adventure with cooking but already know that they want to create culinary masterpieces.
  • These who do not believe that the preparation of such nutritious, tasty and aromatic dinner could be both simple and quick.

Briefly: This covers everybody, from students and single people to busy people and families, all those that wish to partake and savor truly tasty culinary delights.