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What are the healing properties of the different mushrooms?

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What are the healing properties of the different mushrooms? The Green Woodpecker Trill

What are the healing properties of the different mushrooms?

Most of us love mushrooms for their taste, but only a few of us know that they possess extraordinary healing powers that have been utilized in medicine for thousands of years.
Let us learn which fungi can cure us.

1. Shitake.
Number one on our list are Shitake mushrooms. These are recognized as the healthiest mushrooms in the world. They are reputed, amongst others properties as able to prevent the multiplying of HIV cells in the body tissues. They also support the fight against cancer, heart disease and hypertension and are also helpful with gallstone, gallbladders, and ulcers problems.

2. Wood cauliflower fungus (Sparassis crispa)
This fungus reduces blood glucose levels, making it ideal for diabetics. It also acts as an ant-allergic and antioxidant. It also reported as having antitumor effects.

3. Polyporus
Polyporus mushrooms (growing  in Poland) contain, amongst others, biotin and ergosterol. These two ingredients have a positive effect in the treatment of such symptoms as dehydration, headache, edema, and nausea.

4. Brazilian champignon
In medical terms it is called "Agaricus". It promotes the development of human bones and regulates blood pressure. It is also beneficial within the stomach, spleen and intestines.

5. Reishi
Last on our list - Reishi mushrooms. They have a positive effect on the heart, liver and lung. They are also beneficial in fighting off coughs. They can also significantly improve the structure of the hair. Like other mushrooms from the list, they have strong antitumor effects.

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