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Naturalnie na talerzu

What is The Green Woodpecker Trill
and why was it created?


The Green Woodpecker Trill is a revolution on Polish plates and the answer to the expectations of those who dream of delicious, nutritious and healthy dishes, but don't want to spend most of their life  in the kitchen.

The golden rule of marketing says it is better to be the first one than to be the better one. It is true. But it was not enough for us. That's why we decided to go one step further.



To be the first and the better!


We are the first to combine the taste and aroma of natural, carefully selected mushrooms with the extraordinary nutritional values of rice and buckwheat.

We are also better because we have mastered the technology of processing both fresh forest and cultivated mushrooms into dried mushrooms. So that they thankfully don't lose any of their extraordinary qualities.

Nothing that is except water.


Who will love our products?


But this was not enough for us. We had more spectacular plans, to increase our product line to include: mushroom concentrates, mushroom flour and even ... mushroom spices.
Who will love our products at first sight and taste?

All those who are looking for truly natural products: free of preservatives and guaranteeing a unique culinary experience. 
Also everyone who loves creative fun in the kitchen and those who want to satisfy their hunger quickly, but in masterly style. And importantly those, who even though they know thousands of recipes, still passionately seek new, undiscovered inspirations.

The Green Woodpecker Trill was created for one significant purpose: to transform your ordinary meal into a stunning feast of flavours and aromas.

How do we ensure the high quality of our products?


All the ingredients except for the groats and rice – come directly from our own company, Jantex.
Our mushrooms are sourced exclusively from the healthy forests of Poland, and the select crops of other Polish mushroom farmers.

Natural drying

The mushrooms are dried in a stream of warm air, so that all the nutritional value and superb taste still remains within them.
Drying only removes the water.

Perfect taste

The extra large pieces of mushrooms are a real treat for the senses, guaranteeing a phenomenal taste and aroma sensation.
This is a real feast for the senses, now just at your fingertips!


Do you feel like a mushroom dish? Time for shopping!

Our dishes will serve you both as a full meal or a delicious addition to a main dish, salad, soup, stuffing or one pot meal.

Our mushrooms come exclusively from Polish forests and selected family crops. That's why our products contain such a great selection of boletus, bay boletes, chanterelles and champignons.


Size 220 g

8,99 zł



1,0 l, ø 270 mm

Porcelain Risotto Plate with a pattern
26,99 zł



Size 20 g

3,99 zł



Go to our online shop and find out more about the full range of our products.
Soon our offer will be expanded with new mushroom delicacies!

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And that is not all!

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Chef Marcin presents his own recipes for the excellent risotto and kashotto based on our products.

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